What questions do you need to be asking during the meet-and-greet?

in this article, I’m going to show you what questions you need to be asking during the meet-and-greet.

so first let’s talk about why you want to schedule a meet and greet with local pet owners so if the dog is coming to your house or cat it’s called boarding and during a meet-and-greet you want them to come over so that you can need them and it gives the dog or cat a chance to sniff around and it also gives you a chance to see how the animal reacts in a new environment now if you are doing an overnight stay at somebody else’s house instead of doing the meet-and-greet at your home you would go there and meet them there because the animal is gonna stay there.

so let’s talk about questions to ask regardless of whether the animals at their house or your house let’s say a dog comes over so first you want to know what the dog’s age is are they on any medications and what their typical routine is so let’s say it’s a dog you’re gonna find out what time they wake up in the morning for a walk what time they eat their meals do they eat once a day twice a day how much food do they get you also want to know are they microchipped if they are microchipped you want to make sure that you write down the microchip number somewhere because if that dog for some reason runs away or gets lost you’ll be able to track down the dog with that microchip number now I’ve never had that happened but I have found a lost dog and was able to track down who its owner was with the microchip number so that’s why you want to ask that it’s it’s important to get the actual microchip number and on that

note it’s important to find out the person’s last name because I don’t think Rover has this information there so if you need to call the vet or call Rover hotline they have a fabulous emergency hotline by the way you’re gonna need to know this dogs orders last name or cat orders last name.

you also want to know have they ever stayed with a pet sitter before and usually you’ll be able to tell if the dog is really nervous or scared or anxious because there will be barking or peeing or doing something else now the reason why you have a meet-and-greet is because you want to make sure that this animal dog or cat whatever is a really good fit for you because if it’s not it could be a pretty miserable time so I’ve turned down clients a lot and people appreciate that you won’t just accept any client it shows them that you care about their pet and their pets well-being.

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