What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

today I wanted to answer the question what is a pet sitter ?

so a pet sitter is an alternative to using a kennels or caterers or maybe

asking someone to take care of your pets, so when you travel in a way you can hire the services of a pet

sitter to come in feed your dog walk your dog change your cat litter play with your animals turn lights on and off in your home giving it that looked in feeling and at no stage does your pet have to be taken out of the home so all of the care happens in their home someplace that they’re used to that they feel comfortable in and you have the added benefit of home security when we’re coming throughout the day we can turn on lights we can open closed blinds we can put your bin out we can do lots of things that can make your home look lived in.

not only are your pets get in to stay at home where we know they love that or you who are also getting that added service of making your home look and lived in so that’s really what a pet sitter does there’s lots of things that we can provide while we’re there and like I say we can bring in post we can put out really bins but our priority is to take care of your pets and when we finish each visit we let you know your pets are safe for home secure we send your pet care journal with cute pictures of your pets so while you’re away you can see them happy out with their pet sitter.

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