Some tips after leaving your rabbit with a pet sitter

In today’s article I’m going to be talking about pet sitters, so if you ever go on a trip that is longer than one day you are gonna need someone to come and check on your rabbit, in this article I’m going to be going over ways to make it as easy as possible for your pet sitter and as stress-free for you leaving your

rabbit with somebody else can be hard sometimes just because you know you give them the specific care they need and it’s hard to trust somebody else with them, if you use the same pet sitter that you like every time then that gives you a peace of mind that knowing that they’ve done a good job before so they’re most likely gonna do a good job again.

If you need to make it as easy as possible for your pet sitter to navigate around you know all of your supplies and everything that they need to do also remember that your rabbit is not gonna get the first class luxury care that you give them but that’s okay this is a guide that I made for the most recent time that I left cupcake, I just made it on Microsoft Word which one of their templates the first page is the  chedule so I have each day that I’m gone and then what they need to do each day and then I have what each of those things need so here I have hay food fresh water weather change and then here I have what does hey mean we’ll just food me and look as fresh water mean just littering here I have just some notes so here I talked about how she might not want to come out and play how she chews the carpet cause  she needs to stay in the playpen about how she’s shedding, how they can sweep the cage and then on the last page you just want to put your contact information.

always say thank you so much as much as you can have Chris setup is great I will put a picture on the screen of what I had set up so I had a bag for each day with hay in it and a bag for each day with food in it and it was really easy for the pet sitter so get everything in your rabbit cage fresh before you leave, so change the police change the litter fresh water fresh hay and food right before you leave, so that they have stuff until the

pet sitter comes and also makes sure like anything around the cage has been vacuumed then cleaned up before the pet center comes so that it’s really clean and tidy that’s it for this article hope you guys enjoyed.

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