Some Advice For Pet Sitters Should Know

Today I want to answer the question of what do i do first ? which is a great question I received an email from one of the members of our community last week who has just really confused so this specific cuts that are is at her wits on with her business she’s exhausted because she’s doing all the sitting and has no time to work on her business but she was confused she’s like Charlotte do I send out the warm letter or do I work on hiring I don’t really know what to do first.

so my advice to her was you need to hire somebody because this specific center is what I call a multiply Mary that is where she is in her business she’s at the multiply stage she has clients she’s making money she’s making a consistent revenue however she is the bottleneck in her business what I mean by this is she’s the one doing everything she’s doing the pet sitting the dog walking the house sitting the emails the phones the bookkeeping the marketing everything and when you get to that phase there is absolutely no room for growth so my advice to her was you need to hire your first sitter.

now on the flip side of that so we have the multiply Mary on the flip side of that we have the build up Betty in the build up bill and these pet sitting business owners are those that need clients and they need them more consistently and they need to start making a consistent revenue. now my advice for those pet sitters is yes send out the warm letter first you need to attract clients to your business first because the quickest path to cash is clients so start working get your name out there start doing the pet-sitting and then when you fill your client roster to capacity it is time to make your first hire, so I hope that answers your question. if you are a build up bill or a build up Betty I want you to work on market and getting clients if you’re a multiply Mary or multiply Mike I want you to work on hiring team building and creating systems to run your business more efficiently so that you can grow your business so I hope you found this helpful.

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