Should I discount my pet sitting services?

our special topic is whether to discount or not to discount ?  and this is definitely a hot topic,

my answer/opinion is always going to be the same and that is never ever discount your services because all it does is dilute your value and these people who are actually haggling with you and asking you to discount your services are not the people that you want on your client list in my experience and I’m always telling you guys all the crazy and stupid mistakes that I have made discounting being one of them they were always the non-ideal clients that I ended up hating to service they always demanded more and expected more and always expected me to bend my rules and bend my policies because right from the get-go when I gave them they they tried and I said okay they knew right there that they could get away with anything with me and these are the people that took the greatest advantage of me now discounting in terms of you know I always suggest running a killer introductory offer to get people in the door but I’m not talking about that I’m talking about this people are like well how about we do instead of twenty to a visit how can we do 18 a visit and you know comp the registration meeting and you know all of that type of stuff these people are not people you want to work with and you know either take my advice or not but you’re gonna figure it out for yourself.

so my suggestion for you today is that when somebody asks you to discount your services you can politely say that you provide an extraordinary service and you would not be comfortable discounting your services.

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