How much to charge for dog pet sitting?

Congratulations! you’re looking to start your own pet business and wondering to yourself how much should I charge for my services?

well you’re like hundreds of other people that find this article every single month and we put it together just so we can try and help you figure it out

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so the first thing you want to ask when trying to figure out how much you should charge for your pet

services ? is this am I going to charge by the time ? or am I going to charge by the service ?

for example if you’re charging by time you’re probably going to charge one flat rate no matter what the service is, so let’s say that you’re at a client’s home for 15 minutes you’re just going to charge ten dollars for whatever you’re doing at that time whether it’s walking or sitting or something else ten dollars fifteen minutes everything’s included, that’s a way to charge by time.

the other  way to do it is to charge by the service, so for example you’re going to charge ten dollars for dog walking twelve dollars for Pet Sitting another two dollars to bring in the mail another three dollars to give medication so you can see you have different services and you’re charging different prices for each thing that way the client can pick the things that they want and can add them up to the cart.

so now you have an idea about figuring out how you’re going to charge the next thing obviously is to figure out how much you’re going to charge so the best way to do that is to first start with your competition check them out and see who’s charging a lot who’s charging a little and who’s charging right in between our recommendation is definitely to pick one of the two the high or the low never go right in the middle the middle is the kiss of death stay away.

you might be wondering at this point well what is the exact dollar amount that I should charge? and really it would be impossible for us to tell you without knowing your exact market your exact competitors your exact background and skills and exactly how you’re trying to run your company but what we can tell you is take these four parameters we just gave you are you going to charge by the time for the service you’re going to charge hi you’re in charge of low use those four things and start off with your best guess and always change your prices later.

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