How Much Pet Sitters Cost

I want to talk to you about how much a put sitters cost

and this is probably the most common question that we get asked when somebody contacts us, people tend to want to know the cost of the service before really they even find out what it is that we

can do for them so I wanted to address that today and just explain to you a little bit more about how that cost is calculated.

so there are a few factors that really go into it :

How many pets do you have ?

that’s a big factorwhen it’ll have an impact on the amount of time that we spend there you know if we’re at your home looking after one pet or two or even three it’s gonna take considerable less time than if you had 10 pets so that’s something that we do take into consideration.

Length of time

we also take into consideration the length of time that you want us to be there obviously you know if you have a quick 20 minute visit it’s going to be a lot cheaper than if you want us to be there for that hour so that’s important.

Type of area of living

the other thing is if you’re living out in a very very rural area there may be additional charges for travel this is something that we try to avoid but it is a possibility so that’s something to consider to pet-sitting can vary from you know 20 euros a visit up to a hundred euros a visit it’s very hard to say without knowing your individual circumstances so it’s important that you know get on the phone to us tell us a

little bit about your pets and what it is that you do with them how many you have what their routine is and we’re then able to give you a more accurate quote to tell you exactly what it’s going to cost while you’re away.

whether you’re having one visit to visit three visits ten visits we can cross that out for you.

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